André Vassort’s Craftsmanship in Jean Schlumberger’s Iconic Tiffany Bracelet

BY Framboise Beytout

This Tiffany enamelled bangle bracelet is one of the iconic jewelry pieces of the 1970s and emblematic of the work of designer Jean Schlumberger. Beyond its organic, cosmic creative intention lies the mastery of one of the most talented goldsmiths and enamellers of his generation, André Vassort, whose mark legitimizes this work. In his Parisian workshop, the master craftsman produced this vibrant green creation that alternates enamel with 18-carat yellow gold. Extremely fine gold leaves are placed between layers of translucent enamel by means of repeated firing. The result is rich and deeply luminous, an exceptional piece that pays homage to the imagination of Jean Schlumberger, who said, “I want to capture the irregularity of the universe“.

English translation by Angela Randall

Verlet, R. (2023). Dictionnaire des joailliers, bijoutiers et orfèvres en France de 1850 à nos jours. Paris: L’école des Arts Joailleirs

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